Wednesday, July 11, 2012

i made a promise.

..i def broke it.
it's been a lot longer than a week since my last blog post. 
i have good reasons.
because instead of blogging, i've been doing a lot of this:

and this:

and this:

and of course this:
welcome to my new home!!
and yes, that is a cupcake in my hand..
don't be.

anywho. i'm calling this my new abode.
good times are bound to be had.

but in the meantime,
i need to be doing some more of this: 


Thursday, June 14, 2012

the ups and downs of a summer-schooling-baking-enthusiast.

working at a gourmet bake shop really does have its perks. 
for example: days like today.
when i'm feeling hopeless about my summer stats class,
lost in the depths, and sobbing over a more-than-likely failed quiz that i could have sworn i was prepared for.
or when i'm feeling self-conscious about my newly chopped hair that keeps being ugly and uncontrollable and loser-ish.
or when i realize the remainder of my gloomy day will be spent deep cleaning my apartment bathroom.
on days like today, 
i typically find myself heading towards the sweet tooth fairy.
so what if i already ate one at work early this morning?

hey strawberry shortcake,
and you know what? 
i'm saving this little guy for later.
or not. whatever.

also my hair looked like this earlier this week. 
..and also a salad.

i think i'm gonna cool it with the hair shit for a while.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

there's something you should know about me.

it's something i recently realized, myself.
i'm impulsive.
a do-er.
the majority of my thinking occurs after making a decision.
good things come to those who wait?
no. good things come now.
and if they don't come now i will make them come now.
exhibit a:
i'm standing in the hair dye section of smith's marketplace, reaching for my usual color of light coffee brown, and.. what's this? my hand grabs red dye and walks away.

exhibit b:
horrible week. hmm.. what could possibly make me feel better... ice cream? browines? shopping?

how about a few more piercings, gauged earlobes, and new tattoo?
 sounds about right.

exhibit c:
sitting at home, reading a a magazine that says people with fine hair look nice with chin length hair. 
hey kitchen shears, let's hang out for a minute.

see what i mean?

happy sunday!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

sixty-one keys just doesn't cut it these days.

it's reoccurring moments like these that make me wish i had never let my parents sell my white yamaha piano, and that i had practiced willingly and adamantly.
(my mom gave me a dollar every time i practiced and i still complained...what was my deal?)
because now,
learning pieces like this by ear and incorrect scores is nearly impossible,
and i'm never fully able to work through the most difficult portions.
years ago,
this would have been easy-peezie.
however, this is no longer the case.
here i sit, a keyboard on my bed and nothing to work with but an insufficient number of sixty-one keys compared to the eighty-eight necessary,
a printed out and an incredibly flawed sample score,
and youtube tutorials that may or may not be of any assistance.
quite frankly,
it's a struggle.

i sure hope i can power through the beautiful ballad.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

the lovers of valdaro.

i stumbled upon this picture today.
no, literally, i stumbled upon it.
(thanks stumbleupon).
the Lovers of Valdaro
i know it's odd to look at a pile of human remains and not be totally creeped out,
but there is a very large part of me that loves this image.
it's the sort of image that evokes multiple emotions all at once;
like making you slightly sick to your stomach, but giving you the ability to smile through the uneasiness.
after discovering it out of the blue,
i did my research and found that these two seemingly lovers were somewhere between the ages of eighteen and twenty when they mysteriously met their untimely death.
there was also a lot of other jib-jab and info about them dating back to the neolithic era, 
the bodies being found near the city set for shakespeare's romeo & juliet, 
and the possibility that the two bodies were placed in this position after their death..
but i ignored those parts.
what really captures my attention is the thought of dying intertwined with your lover;
locked in an eternal embrace. 
i find it incredibly saddening, haunting, and beautiful.

what a way to kick the bucket.

Friday, May 25, 2012

it's been one of those weeks.

the kind of week where nothing really seems to go your way.
the kind of week that makes you want to cry a little.. or a lot.
(and just let me say, i did my fair share of it.)
i may be dreading the coming saturday and sunday for fear that the turmoil isn't quiiite over, 
and i may be in store for a few more break-downs.
i can't recall exactly where i fudged over karma so badly, but i took the hint. 
you can bet i'll think twice before ever doing anything ever again.. ever. 

on a lighter note,
this week wasn't a total loss, as i did get the job at the sweet tooth fairy :)
hands down, my favorite part of the week.

lucky for me, a new week is in store in just a few days,
and i definitely think karma owes me one.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

the A team.

probs my new fav song.
just thought ya'll should know ;)
give 'er a listen, will ya?